Freak – A Lana Del Rey Short Film 

Late last night Lana Del Rey unveiled a brand new short film entitled ‘Freak‘. 

The 11 min short takes us on a journey through the California dessert on a seemingly beautiful day. Accompanied by a skeptical priest, Del Rey gives him LSD. He gets more then he bargains for, as he decends into a trip that sees him floating in an ocean filled with sea nymphs. A nod that may signify a form purification that can’t be found within the church. 

While maintaining her signature raw aesthetic that we’ve come to love and appreciate throughout the years, this offering is presented in a way that could only resemble our wildest dreams. Featuring the single ‘Honeymoon‘, the clip transitions to Claude Dubussy’s ‘Clair de Lune‘, as the narrative takes to the ocean. Check it out below.