Joseph Turvey – Fall/Winter 2015

Nylon and scuba jersey’s and wool, oh my!  Jet black, bronze gold, indigo blue, oh my! These are just a few thoughts going through our heads as we view sporstwear inspired designer, Joseph Turvey‘s forthcoming Fall/Winter 2015 collection.   For this season, the designer tucked himself away in what we imagine to be a dark space where he viewed films like ‘The Craft’, ‘Dark Shadows’ and ‘Wicker Man’ to name a few, and brushed up on old classic fables, such as ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’ to get his mind flowing.  All the the above comes through in one of our favourite collections of the season.  ‘‘On the surface these tales are very innocent but have a much darker hidden message which was something I wanted to explore within the collection” said Joseph.  We believe he has succeeded immensely on this one.  What do you think?  Will you be coping some pieces next Fall? We know we will!